Young Liberals Suspended Over Lewd Comments About Women In Group Chat

Four members of NSW's Young Liberals have been suspended after they made derogatory comments about women on social media, The Sun-Herald reports.

The paper reports the four men used the dating app Tinder to connect with women they hoped to persuade to vote Liberal, then posted the comments on a closed Facebook group which had 17 members.

The comments were made about a year ago. Liberal Party officials were alerted to it by The Sun-Herald.

The four were suspended for six months, the maximum penalty, and may yet be expelled from the party.

“The behaviour that has been brought to my attention this afternoon is absolutely unacceptable, and is not tolerated by the Liberal Party," state director Chris Stone said in a statement provided to 10.

“I will not hesitate in sending a clear message that this Party expects much higher standards of behaviour from our members.”

It comes as the Liberal Party cops criticism for not women treating well and having a "female problem".

"People already think we don't treat women fairly. They will just look at this and say 'see, you don't'," a senior Liberal source told the paper.

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