WATCH: Woman Finds 40kg Python In Her Laundry, Remains Calm Because #Straya

It was 4:30 in the morning on Friday when Lea-Ann Kennedy's family found a surprise visitor inside their back shed -- a whopping five and a half metre python.

Kennedy believes the snake may have been looking for a place to take a nap when he slithered his way from their shed into their laundry and made himself comfortable for the night.

Unlike most, Kennedy stayed calm and called in snake removalist Charlie Bear to her home at Mission Beach, in the Cassowary Coast Region of Queensland.

Kennedy told 10 daily that after seeing the size of the python, Bear made the decision to call in re-enforcements and together with fellow snake catcher Tom Geary, the team managed to wrangle the 5 and a half metre snake out of Kennedy's property.

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Geary estimated the python's size and weight at a whopping 40 kilograms.

The team was forced to use a wheelbarrow to get the creature into the car before he could be safely released back into the wild.

They said it was one of the biggest snakes they had ever seen and a video posted to Facebook by Kennedy's colleague Megan Prouse definitely proves it.

The jaw-dropping footage shows the catchers pulling the massive snake out of the house before attempting to get him into a bag... which was simply not big enough.

"As you can see in the video they couldn't even fit him into the snake bag... they had to get a small doona to put it in," Kennedy told 10 daily on Friday.

"So he's safe and sound now and where he should be," Kennedy added, laughing off the experience.

She said the python never once showed any aggression towards them, and added that he "snuggled up and had a sleep" until the snake catchers arrived.

"He was just a lovely big python, he didn't want to hurt us, he just wanted to go to sleep".

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Kennedy said it was the first time they had ever seen a snake at the property in more than 12 months but said they often see other wildlife as their home backs off into a forested area.

She said Mission Beach residents had recently received a warning that snakes and other creepy-crawlies were likely to come out in the summer season.

"There's no need to hurt them, that's the main thing I'd stress," Kennedy said, adding that she was grateful for Bear and Geary remained calm and courageous throughout the ordeal.

"It would be such a shame, can you imagine if someone killed an animal like that," Kennedy said.

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