How To Spot The Email Scam Targeting Optus Customers

We're being warned to be on the lookout for a malicious email scam hitting inboxes around the country.

Customers Australia-wide are reporting a new scam doing the rounds.

The emails are coming from an domain, making them look legit, but most of them are written in plain-text form with no special formatting or layout options, with a document attached.

The messages come in multiple forms, ranging from remittance advice to car insurance document scams.

“They advise the recipient of a document that is available for them, with a link to access the said document," Mailguard said in a blog post.

"In most cases, the links lead unsuspecting recipients to a malicious file download.”

IMAGE: mailguard


According to Mailguard, there are several tell-tale signs:

1. It does not address recipients directly (e.g. “Dear customer”).

2. Bad grammar or misuse of punctuation and poor-quality or distorted graphics.

3. An instruction to click a link to perform an action (hover over them to see where you’re really being directed).

4. Obscure sending addresses (for example, Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo addresses should set alarms bells ringing).

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It's just one of a number of scams doing the rounds this year.

Telstra, Netflix and Apple customers are being urged to be on the lookout for dodgy emails, while there's also a warning out for a Valentine's Day email scam, an ATO phone scam, and door-knocking post-storm scammers.

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