Shocking Video Shows Teenage Girls Telling Classmate To Kill Herself

A video of two girls severely bullying a classmate and encouraging her to kill herself is circulating on social media.

The shocking footage shows two girls shouting at the camera: "Kill yourself before I f**king kill you because you are a f**king s*** and I f**king hate you."

The person they are shouting at -- reportedly a teenage classmate -- is not in the footage.

The girl tells another girl off-camera to kill herself. Photo: Gold Coast Bulletin.

"F**king roll another f**king durry in the f**king corner to avoid your f**king problems, 'cause everyone f**king hates you and everyone f**king wants to kill you, 'cause your a little f**king slut," the girl continues, as another girl is heard laughing off camera.

The second girl then appears on screen, saying she's going to "stomp" the girl.

The second girl appears on screen wearing a green skirt. Photo: Gold Coast Bulletin.

The videos appear to originally have been sent via Snapchat but were uploaded to Facebook by a man who said he's a friend of the family.

"Friends and family, a good mate's daughter had these lovely girls send her this," he reportedly posted.

"What would u do? Disgraceful. Would u like ur child doing this or hanging out with these charming girls?"

He urged people to share as it "needs to come out and these people need to be exposed"; the video was shared hundreds of times, and has reportedly been viewed more than 58,000 times.

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The Queensland Department of Education said it wouldn't comment on individual cases to protect the privacy of students, but any situation like this which threatens the safety of students is taken extremely seriously.

"Cyberbullying is not a problem for schools to solve in isolation, it is an issue for the whole community," a spokesperson told 10 daily.

"It follows young people through the day and into the evening, on weekends and holidays."

The Palaszczuk government is in the process if implementing the recommendations from a recent task force on cyberbullying.

"[This] will build on the considerable efforts already underway in our schools to combat this insidious problem affecting young people around the state," the spokesperson said.

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If you would like to speak to someone around issues of bullying, speak to BeyondBlue on 1300 22 4636 or the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

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