Gale Of Two Cities: It's 36 In Sydney While A Cold Snap Brings Winter To Melbourne

Summer in Melbourne just switched to a commercial break. It'll be back after these rather chilly messages.

Meanwhile in Sydney, it's an absolute scorcher.

Yes, our two largest cities are today separated not just by the Murray River, 877 km of road and four degrees of latitude. This afternoon, they are almost 20 degrees of temperature apart.

Well, 18.9 degrees to be precise, at the moment we took the grab below. Which is still a lot.

This was the situation at 2:30 pm. Image: BoM.

Unusually, it's a dry summer heat in Sydney today, so locals aren't complaining too much, accustomed as they are to extreme humidity.

In Melbourne, a different story. Not only is it showery and wet but it's extremely cold. So naturally, people are throwing a bit of a cyber tanty.

What's going on?

Well, Melbourne has had an average maximum of 27.5 so far this February, which is almost two degrees above normal.

But a strong summer cold front has moved from the Southern Ocean across the state, as you can see clearly in the image below. The speckled air in the Great Australian Bight is associated with cold air.

These are the weather systems typically associated with snowfalls in winter, but once or twice every summer, a big southerly system like this one generally does break through.

It could even snow in the Victorian Alps tonight as the unseasonal cold air pushes north. We'll keep you posted if we hear of any flakes.

Meanwhile, raised dust is being experienced in many inland areas of VIC, NSW and the ACT as winds ahead of the cold front strengthen.