Two Months' Jail For Young Dad Who Bashed Puppy And Broke Its Leg

A young father has been jailed south of Brisbane after he confessed to bashing a puppy and breaking its leg.

Alex Christopher Gilbert was sentenced to two months' prison and 12 months' probation after pleading guilty to five charges, including two of animal cruelty.

Neighbours reported the unemployed father-of-four in December 2017 for punching and throwing the Siberian Husky cross named Chase several metres.

When confronted by an RSPCA inspector, the 25-year-old seemed unaware he had broken the law.

Image: Supplied

“I smacked it on the nose and it ran behind the shed. I smacked it once on the nose, it bit me on the hand so I punched it in the mouth,” Gilbert was recorded on a body worn camera saying.

He even appeared to threaten the female inspector.

“I’ll show you the f------ dog. If you have an issue take the f------ dog and it’s done. The f------ thing bit me so I punched it in the f----- mouth," he said.

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RSPCA prosecutor Tracey Jackson told 10 News First it can be daunting to confront animal abusers.

“It can be a bit of a harrowing job and especially when they’re working one up and they’re out there doing their job, defending the defenceless," she said.

Jackson said the inspector seized the puppy after it was found crying in terror.

“Incredible pain and suffering that would have been experienced and it’s only a testament to the puppy’s good character that it actually was able to be rehomed,” she said.

Chase was injured on his right front leg. Image: Supplied

In Beenleigh Courthouse on Tuesday, Magistrate Don MacKenzie was told how Gilbert committed the act of animal cruelty as well as three other offences of hooning, threatening his neighbours and assaulting a police officer, all while serving a suspended sentence.

“He’s clearly a man that has a problem with his anger. He doesn’t have the ability to control himself when there are stressors. He needs treatment,” MacKenzie told the court.

Already with a lengthy criminal history to his name, Gilbert was sentenced to two months in prison, followed by 12 months' probation.

His girlfriend was in court to kiss him goodbye before he was taken into custody.

“That’s a perfect outcome in terms of addressing the offending that took place. This was a little puppy,” Jackson told 10 News First outside the courtroom.

Once Gilbert is released in April, he must undergo constant supervision and psychological assessments, as well as pay restitution to the RSPCA.

Chase meanwhile has fully recovered and been rehomed.