Two-Truck Crash Closes Busy Hume Highway

Two truckies have somehow survived a spectacular crash on the Hume Highway after one of them lost control, sending the other into the road barrier and sparking a 'nasty' inferno.

The two vehicles were traveling northbound at Yerrinbool just before 5am on Tuesday morning when they collided.

It’s understood the driver behind the wheel of the dog-trailer lost control of the back end and flipped, sprawling his vehicle and load of gravel across two lanes.

Behind him was another drive in a prime mover who was traveling at 100km/h, and had little time to slow down.

The 61-year-old driver tried to swerve, but clipped the trailer instead.

His truck then cannoned into the road barrier and burst into flames.

Liam Brogan was seconds behind the collision and ran to help his fellow truckie.

“I came around the corner and saw a big ball of flame and the truck on its side… very lucky we’re not dealing with a fatality,” he said.

“He was pretty shaken, he had a couple of cuts to his knees but other than that he seemed alright for what had happened.”

The aftermath of the collision (Supplied)

The drivers were transported to hospital both with minor injuries, something that surprised veteran truck-driver, Darren Cooke, who’s seen these “massive impacts” before.

“For old mate to be conscious and get himself out of the truck after that massive impact is a pretty amazing feat,” he told 10 News First.

“We helped him back up here and used a steel grate as a stretcher and dragged him out away from the fire. The thing had a couple of explosions so it worked out good that we got him away.”

The fire took two hours to contain and continued smouldering into the afternoon.

But the biggest concern for authorities was the toxic chemicals on board the b-double, which hampered firefighting efforts.

“There’s a lot of dangerous chemicals in there that we’ve identified as being highly corrosive which we’ve pulled out and put into hazardous material bins,” said Inspector Steve Brown from Fire and Rescue NSW.

It also meant that the road was closed well into the afternoon, turning the busy Hume Highway into a truck yard and stalling the transport of $1 million worth of goods every hour.