A Mother Speaks Of Her Heartbreak And Horror At The Possible Release Of Her Daughter's Murderer

Mandy Burgess is fighting hard to make sure her daughter’s killer never gets the chance to kill again when he applies for his freedom on March 8.

In an exclusive interview with 10 News First Mandy Burgess, the mother of Tania Burgess, the 15-year-old-girl who was stabbed 48 times as she walked home from school in 2005 on the Central Coast, said she fears what might happen if the now 29-year-old killer is given his freedom.

Tania Burgess. Photo: 10 News

"He has never shown any remorse whatsoever or admitted to his crime. Not one single bit. I don't believe he is rehabilitated and I believe he could do it again if he did get out." Mandy said.

"You don't want it to happen to anybody in this world, to lose a child but to lose a child in that way and seeing it is heartbreaking," she said.

"It's with me every day when I think about it, then I block it out, then I move on with my day and do what I have to do."

Christmas has always been a difficult time for Mandy, her husband Chris and their other two children over the last 13 years.

But last Christmas was one of the worst yet.

They received news that Tania's killer, who can only be identified as "DL" due to his age at the time of the murder, had successfully appealed his 17-year sentence, reducing it by four years, meaning he was now eligible for parole.

"We were in total shock"

"To be given that news a few days before Christmas and to know that has now given him a chance at parole, it really was hard, we didn't tell any of our family what had happened because we didn't want to spoil anyone else's Christmas."

"I can’t believe he got four years off his sentence when mostly in these sorts of cases the most they get is six- 12 months off."

Chris and Mandy Burgess on the first day of evidence into the stabbing murder of their 15-year-old daughter Tania Burgess in 2008. Photo: AAP

Mandy is determined to make sure DL doesn't get parole and also is pushing to have the law changed that protects his identity from being made public.

"I would really like to see our petition 'No Name No Face No Remorse'  really really grow to high numbers, we're sitting on just over a hundred thousand signatures now. We've been overwhelmed by support, it would be nice to present to the minister of corrective services." said Mandy.

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"We can’t do anything about Tania but make a change for others because unfortunately there will be others after us."

10 News First tried contacting some of Tania's close school friends at the time but they were all too frightened to speak publicly,  one said she feared for her safety if DL gets out.

"I am fearful of DL and it concerns me that if he is released soon that he could see my current appearance and details," said one anonymous friend.

10 News First contacted the Attorney General’s office in relation to changing the law that protects serious juvenile offenders identity when they become adults and there was some encouraging news for Mandy and the Burgess family.

"The identification of juvenile offenders once they turn 18 will be considered by the NSW Law Reform Commission (LRC) review into open justice in NSW" Attorney General Mark Speakman said.

'I expect terms of reference to be finalised in the near future.'

'I encourage anyone concerned about this issue to make sure their voice is heard by making a submission to the LRC."

When we asked Mandy if she had the chance to say anything to DL what would it be she offered this.

"There is nothing to say he did the most horrendous crime he's created so much pain and heartbreak for what he did."