Hundreds To Protest Laws Which Could See LGBTQ+ Teachers Fired

Campaigners in Melbourne are set to rally against the discrimination of gay and transgender students and teachers at religious schools.

Gay and transgender students and teachers will campaign for equality in their classrooms at a rally in Melbourne.

Protesting against laws that could allow LGBTQI+ teachers to be sacked and students expelled from religious schools, campaigners will include Greens Senator Janet Rice and Equality Australia Boss Anna Brown.

"Discrimination has no place in our schools. These outdated, dangerous and hurtful laws must be removed now," Ms Brown said ahead of Saturday's protest at the Victorian State Library.

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Rally organiser Geraldine Fela said students and teachers have the right to be in all schools, and to access programs that support gender and sexual diversity.

The federal government in December accepted 15 of 20 recommendations made in a religious freedom review

Recommendations include amending legislation to allow religious schools to discriminate against students or staff and contractors on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status, if based on religious teaching.