Black Hawk Helicopters Swooping Over Your City? Don't Be Alarmed

The army has given Sydney a show as it starts a series of drills with Black Hawk helicopters set to take place throughout February and March around NSW and the ACT.

The army is conducting training for its Black Hawk helicopter air-crews and is warning the public they are a little bit noisy -- but will be quite a sight.

Named after an American Indian war leader, the Black Hawks, are renowned for their power and agility.

The crews are honing their skills around tall buildings, bridges, and stadiums so that they can respond rapidly, dropping counter-terrorism troops at short notice.

Major Warrick Talbot from 6th Aviation Regiment says there will be a range of low-flying activities throughout February and March.

A Black Hawk Helicopter Flies Over Sydney Harbour. (Image 10 News First)

"It's critically important for us to be prepared at all times," Major Talbot said.

"With the low passing -- at times just 30 metres -- (the noise) will have an effect on local residents and we appreciate their support and patience."

In fact, office workers at times could be looking down on the aircraft.

"Don't be concerned about it at all, please enjoy the spectacle of the aircraft performing those low manoeuvres," Major Talbot stressed.

Residents are being told not to be alarmed by the massive helicopters. (Image AAP)

The training will extend as far north as Newcastle and south as Canberra and across urban and rural areas.

"There will be low flying very close to bridging traffic lanes anywhere we consider the aircraft need to be familiar with and prepared to deal with."

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Black Hawks weigh five tonnes empty but can carry more than 10 tonnes and can hit top speeds of 350 kilometres an hour.

The drills will be taking place from as far north as Newcastle all the way down to Canberra. (Image AAP)

"It's one of the most manoeuvrable aircraft that we have got and it's almost the fastest.

"Please enjoy the spectacle it's not going to happen that often and it should make people feel a bit more comfortable knowing that the Defence Force is ready to react to short response tasks."

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