Man 'Kindly' Returns Cigarette To Driver After She Threw It Out Of Car

A man in Perth is being hailed a "hero" after he confronted a woman for throwing a cigarette butt out of her car. 

When Mangus Hand noticed a woman seated in the car in front of him discard the butt, he decided he had to do something.

He got out of his vehicle at the Selby Street and Grantham Street intersection in Churchlands and walked right up to the woman's window.

He picked up the cigarette and placed it back in her car.

Hand captured the moment on his dash cam and following the confrontation, uploaded it to Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia.

Man Returns Cigarette Butt To Litterer
The man returned the butt to the woman's car. Image: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia.

"So I was at the lights and this poor lady's cigarette accidentally fell out of her hand onto the road," Hand captioned the video.

"Being the gentleman I am, I got out picked up the cig and kindly returned it to her. "

The video has been viewed more than 198,000 times and attracted a plethora of comments.

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"Not all heroes wear capes... Well done mate," one user commented.

"That is bloody brilliant !!," another said.

One person even declared, “I’m voting you Australian of the Year.”

Man Busts Woman Littering
The man is being hailed a hero. Image: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia.

Keep Australia Beautiful WA has an online litter report form that some were urging Hand to fill out. Those who littler in WA could face between a $75 and $200 fine under the 1979 Litter Act.

Under law, drivers are also responsible for people in their cars littering.

"In cases of littering from vehicles, where neither the litterer nor the driver of the vehicle can be identified, the person responsible for the vehicle (usually the registered owner) will be deemed to have committed the offence and will have to pay a fine unless they can identify the offender."

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