Medicare Has $110 Million From Your Unclaimed Rebates

About 670,000 Australians are missing out on Medicare rebates because they haven't passed their bank accounts details onto the government. 

Medicare has accumulated more than $110 million in unclaimed rebates since cheque payments were phased out in July 2016,  according to Human Services Minister Michael Keenan.

He said there was a quick and easy fix.

"The Coalition Government would much rather see this money sitting in your pockets instead of ours, which is why we are again reminding those who haven't given Medicare their details that they need to take action now," he said on Thursday.

“My advice is set aside a couple of minutes as soon as possible to do what is a really simple task that will ensure you receive what you are entitled to quickly and easily.”

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The average amount owed for doctor's appointments and other services is $150, but those who make regular visits or who have a serious medical condition could be missing out on much more.

This makes up less than .5 percent of the total amount paid in Medicare benefits each year.

Keenan compared the total of unclaimed rebates to lost and unclaimed superannuation, adding he believed many people had purely forgotten to jump online.

"... people tell themselves that they will get around to claiming their money one day, but never do,”he said.

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The easiest way to update your details is through the myGov account or via the Medicare Express Plus app, after which Keenan said the money owed should be deposited into your chosen account "within a matter of days".

He said people could nominate for a friend, relative or institution to receive the funds on their behalf.

Medicare will again be writing to customers in the coming weeks reminding them to take action.

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