Plane Crash-Lands In Backyard After Mid-Air Power Failure

A pilot has had a "very lucky" escape after a crash landing that left his plane in a suburban backyard -- with major damage or injuries reported.

The Sunshine Coast man, flying a six-seat Beechwood plane, was flying over the Palmwoods neighbourhood when his aircraft was said to have suffered a power failure around 9am on Tuesday.

The pilot managed to keep control of the plane, and skimmed over trees to slow himself down, coming to a halt on the fenceline between two backyards in Picca Place -- a populated area about 20 kilometres west of Maroochydore.

Residents of the nearby properties were home at the time, with one woman in the bathroom just metres from where the plane crash-landed.

One neighbour said he thought he heard tree-lopping, before realising the catastrophe that had been narrowly averted.

The pilot managed to climb out of the cabin unassisted and reported only suffered some back pain. The damage to the plane was reported as minor.

QLD Ambulance said the man was was taken to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

"Very lucky in the end," said QLD Ambulance Inspector Michael Riordan.

"Plane was fully loaded with fuel. He was heading away from the Sunshine Coast and he had a lot of fuel onboard."