Foxtel Went Down Across Australia And People Did Not Cope

Australian Foxtel customers experienced widespread outages on Monday night and were not having a bar of it.

Reports of problems started to flood social media at around 8:50pm, with customers complaining their televisions were not receiving a satellite signal.

Foxtel acknowledged the outages on social media via the company's Foxtel Help Twitter account, which responded to a number of disgruntled people trying to enjoy their favourite shows.

"We are investigating a possible outage and will get your service resumed as soon as possible," a message sent to numerous customers read.

"We know it's not the same but be sure to make use of your Foxtel Go service in the meantime."

In another response, Foxtel said it had identified "some weather related signal issues in a number of different locations".

According to multiple comments online, the outage seemed to be affecting free-to-air channels.

The channels appeared to be down for more than 30 minutes before people began reporting they were back up and running in their homes.

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The fix didn't appear to reach everyone at the same time, however, and there were complaints the service was still down at 9:30.

But with a long Monday behind them and an even longer week ahead, Aussies were not at all okay with the disruption to their nightly television schedule.