Boy's Death In Hot Car Leaves Family 'Shocked' And 'Devastated'

"My Baby" were the heartbreaking words posted by a mother who had just lost her baby boy.

Samantha Rowland's youngest boy, Jone, was found unconscious inside a locked car just after 3pm on Sunday.

Emergency crews raced to the property but there was nothing they could do.

The 22-month-old and his five siblings were in the care of his grandmother, Valerie, and other relatives when his mum went out at around 1pm.

Image: Facebook

But there was confusion over who had little Jone and by the time he was found, he had been locked inside the hot car in the searing 30-degree heat for more than two hours.

Sam's wails could be heard from streets away as her mother, who has a heart condition, was taken to hospital in shock.

"It's my sister's son, but I don’t know the details," Sam's sister Niki said.

"We are all in shock and devastated at the loss of such a gorgeous, happy, little boy.

"We are all just trying to support Sam, the best way we can."

Eight hours later, the mother posted a heartbreaking photo of her with her now deceased son with the caption "My Baby".

Image: Facebook

Sharon Dunn, a neighbour and family friend, described Sam as a "good mother" who loves her kids.

"I'm in shock, disbelief, heartbroken. I just can't believe this happened," Dunn said.

"Sam's a good mother, she loves her kids, her mother is there with her, she's a good woman."

She added that Jone and his twin brother Esala were inseperable.

The gut-wrenching accident has prompted warnings from child safety group Kidsafe to "double check" when getting out of the car.

"When you're leaving a car, just look around, do a double check... you really want to check you haven't left a child," Kidsafe NSW's Executive Officer, Christine Erskine said.

"Just be 100 per cent sure who is involved with the care of the child and that they are aware of it."

Police interviewed the family members today and a report is being prepared for the coroner.