Urgent Warning Over Possible Salmonella Contamination In Eggs

The NSW Food Authority has issued a warning about harmful salmonella bacteria in some NSW eggs.

Consumers are being asked to check their eggs. The suspect ones will be stamped with BEC or BEC115 on the shells rather than on the carton containing them.

“It is important to know that not all eggs are impacted but if you have any stamped with BEC or BEC115 we recommend as a precaution that you discard them," said Dr Lisa Szabo, the CEO of the NSW Food Authority.

Salmonella Bacterium (Image AAP)

The eggs were not sold to outlets such as Woolworths and Coles but in catering cartons, a spokesperson from the NSW Food Authority told 10 daily.

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This has made it difficult to track where the eggs are now, but according to the NSW Food Authority, it's unlikely many of the suspect eggs are still in circulation.

This is because the business that was producing them had a prohibition order placed on it in January of this year by the NSW Food Authority, stopping it from selling any more eggs.

The company that distributed the eggs has had a prohibition order placed on it. (Image: Getty)

"This is an opportune time to remind people to practice good hygiene generally when preparing food and to always keep their hands, surfaces and utensils clean and dry before and after handling eggs,” said Dr Szabo.

Anyone with any immediate health concerns has been advised to contact their doctor by the NSW Food Authority.


According to data from NSW health, there were 412 reported cases of Salmonella infection in the state in January, slightly higher than the previous year.

Some of the symptoms of the illness include headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Feature Image: (Image NSW Food Authority)

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