One-In-100-Year-Event: Townsville Braces For More Rain

North Queensland residents remain on high alert as officials fear a catastrophic flood disaster with more record-breaking downpours on the way.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned Saturday could be the worst day of the monsoonal deluge, issuing a severe weather warning for extremely heavy rainfall and flash flooding to drench the already soaked Townsville region.

An Emergency Alert flood message has been issued for residents in areas adjacent to the Bohle River, Saunders Creek and Stoney Creek and including the suburbs Deeragun, Jensen and Burdell.

Townsville City Council has advised intense rain may cause fast-moving and rapidly-rising water levels in these areas and lead to flash flooding. Residents are advised to move to higher ground if concerned.

BoM forecaster Micheal Grey warned Saturday could be the "most significant" day of the monsoon event.

"Today is looking particularly important. We're looking at significant rainfall," he said.

The massive monsoonal deluge has caused landslips and flash flooding across the region over the past week.

Disaster-declared Townsville is at the epicentre of the one-in-100 year event where dozens of homes have been swamped, schools and businesses shut and thousands of residents evacuated to higher ground.

Queensland Fire and Emergency service is helping residents trapped by floodwaters to safety as water levels continue to rise.

Soldiers from 3CER help deliver sandbags to Townsville residents in the suburb of Railway Estate. Image: Getty

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Homes and businesses have been destroyed as flash floods washed through streets, sweeping away cars, equipment and livestock.

Landslips have destabilised an apartment complex, blocked roads and caused homes to be evacuated.

In Townsville, a further 100 homes remain at risk from the bulging Ross River Dam, which was at 185 per cent of capacity late on Friday.

Soldiers were mobilised to help sand-bag vulnerable properties as authorities went door to door telling people they should leave at-risk homes.

All three dam gates have been opened and a record amount of water is spilling into the sea.

Photo: Kieran Wilkinson / Facebook.

More rain has been forecast across the weekend, with some areas likely to receive up to 400mm a day, as the overly active monsoon trough remains almost stationary.

Further north, coastal communities on the Gulf of Carpentaria have been told to prepare for the highest tides of year as the monsoon trough whips up gale force winds.

Flood Warnings are current for the following catchments: Mulgrave, Russell, Tully, Murray, Herbert, Ross, Bohle, Haughton, Burdekin, Don, Isaac, Leichhardt, Nicholson, Gregory, Flinders, Cloncurry and Diamantina Rivers.