Australia Ranked Second Worldwide For Shark Attacks

Australia has received the unfortunate title of being the country with the second highest number of unprovoked shark attacks in the world.

There were 20 unprovoked attacks in Australian waters during 2018, according to the Yearly Worldwide Shark Attack Summary put out by the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Australia's total makes up for almost a third of the 66 global attacks. Only the USA suffered more with 32.

Tiger sharks are one of the species that can be deadly to humans. (Image Getty)

Part of the reason sharks will engage humans is those possible man-eaters, such as the Great White, Bull, and Tiger sharks are that they are very adaptable to their environment. Sometimes their preferred prey isn't.

"Any changes (in the environment) that affect the prey, or even the prey's prey, then we can expect that's going to shift shark behaviour too," Blake Champman, Sharks Editor-at-Large for Australian Geographic told 10 daily.

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It's not known exactly why any particular shark decides to attack a human. According to Chapman, it's often a case of curiosity rather than actually wanting to eat us.

Often Great Whites attack more out of curiosity than hunger according to Chapman. (Image AAP)

"Sharks are curious animals, they want to know what's in their environment... unfortunately one of their ways of testing what something is, is to bite it," said Chapman.

Luckily of the 66 unprovoked attacks that took place around the world in 2018, only four have been fatal and only one of them was in Australia.

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Feature Image: AAP