WATCH: Huge Rat Runs Inside Popular Westfield Restaurant

Popular Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung has apologised to customers after a large rat scurrying through one of its restaurants was captured in a social media video.

The disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook by user Lucy Hui, who said she was sent the video on Wednesday.

"Makes me want to vomit," Hui said in the post.

"Never eating there again... and it was a favourite".

The popular restaurant chain -- which has locations across much of Asia, Australia, the US and UK -- responded to the video in a Facebook comment on Thursday morning, saying it was taking the matter "very seriously".

"Once notified of this incident, we immediately activated our pest control specialists as well as professional cleaners to inspect and disinfect our premises as a priority," the restaurant said in its post.

"We are also conducting thorough investigations and improving measures in pest defence during post-operations hours.

This is important as we already clean, disinfect and secure the kitchen on a daily basis, yet it's clear we can do even better."

According to the restaurant, Westfield Sydney -- where the store is located -- has also arranged for pest control specialists to attend the entire food court, outside of its regular pest control inspections.

10 daily understands health inspections inside Sydney CBD restaurants are overseen by the City of Sydney Council and not the NSW Food Authority.

In a statement to 10 daily the City of Sydney said they had been made aware of the video and had issued a prohibition order for the business after being told by staff that the store had earlier in the day been "voluntarily shut down".

"Din Tai Fung will be permitted to re-open following a satisfactory inspection." the statement said, adding that the council had never previously received a complaint about this.

"It is the responsibility of individual food businesses and shopping centre management to eradicate vermin and prevent their entry into food premises"

"City environmental health officers regularly inspect venues to ensure these responsibilities are being fulfilled, and can issue fines or order venues to stop serving food if they fail to comply."

In  a statement to 10 daily a spokesperson for Westfield Sydney said they had been made aware of the issue earlier in the week and had arranged pest control specialists to attend the area as soon as possible.

"In partnership with our retailers, we conduct regular and proactive pest control inspections using professional contractors," the spokesperson said.

The video posted on Wednesday comes just a week after fast food outlet Oporto was forced to shut a busy store in Sydney's Broadway area after another social media video showed rats running inside the store.

According to the City of Sydney the rat population has been "stirred up" by an "unprecedented number" of major demolition and construction works around the CBD area.

Disturbing Video Of Rat Infestation At Oporto Broadway

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