Rescuers Use Forklift To Rescue Horse Stuck In Septic Tank

A horse's tumble into a Western Sydney septic tank has sparked a rescue operation using four fire trucks, a vet, SES volunteers and, of course, a forklift.

The fire crews and SES operators worked together for several hours to remove the stricken animal from the tank.

When the horse, named Trooper, was discovered a forklift was used to remove him from the tank, a spokesman from Fire and Rescue NSW told 10 daily.

They managed to get straps under Trooper's front legs before using the forklift to lift him out of the tank.

Trooper is expected to make a full recovery. (Image Facebook/Berkshire Park Rural Fire Brigade)

He was sedated by an onsight vet and transported to the Agnes Banks Equine Clinic for treatment.

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Trooper sustained superficial wounds to his hind legs and some minor fractures along his back but is expected to make a full recovery.

Fire and rescue crews worked with SES volunteers to remove the animal. (Image Facebook/Berkshire Park Rural Fire Brigade)

"He's at the clinic at the moment and he's tucking into his hay and he's looking fairly comfortable," Laura Lee, the attending vet told 10 daily.

According to Lee, the owners were unsure of how the horse got trapped, only discovering him when their dog was heard barking near the tank.

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Feature Image: Facebook/Berkshire Park Rural Fire Brigade