Massive Rainfall In Daintree Sees Flood Warnings And Record River Levels

Australia's summer of freak weather is continuing after the Daintree river saw its levels reach a record 12.6 metres, beating a mark set in 1901.

Hundreds of homes are without power in Queensland's Daintree area after massive rainfall on Saturday night, with multiple flood warnings put out by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Rainfall totals of up to 425 millimetres have been recorded by the Bureau since Saturday morning.

"Daintree Village remains inaccessible with phone service currently down and several power outages, but service providers are working hard to get access to these issues, " said Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu.

The Daintree village has been cut off by flood waters. (Image Facebook/Douglas Shire Council)

The flooding has caused severe damage to a number of buildings in the area, while landslips are also occurring around the region.

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Douglas Shire Council says locals should refrain from travelling unless absolutely necessary.

A bulldozer clearing debris from a landslip (Image (Image Facebook/Douglas Shire Council)

The SES has received 60 call outs during the flooding but due to a reduction in rainfall are expecting fewer calls as the day goes on.

Multiple flood warnings remain in place despite the reduction in rainfall, however, in areas including Daintree Village, Mulgrave and Barron.

Feature Image Facebook/Douglas Shire Council