Sydney Pub Barred Patrons From Wearing The Australian Flag On Australia Day

A pub in Sydney's inner-west has attracted mixed reviews after it barred people from wearing clothes bearing the Australian flag on Australia Day. 

The Newtown Hotel enforced a dress code on January 26, which for many Indigenous groups is considered a 'day of mourning' or 'invasion day'. 

"Newtown Hotel respectfully declines to be part of the 26th of January as the land was not ceded," a sign seen outside the pub and posted on social media read.

"Today there is a dress code and that involves no Australian flag attire and accessories."

Many punters were pleased with the "respectful" move and thanked the pub for its "solidarity".

"This is how you show respect. Thanks for your brave stance," one person wrote on Facebook.

"Newtown Hotel, you are amazing and culturally respectful. It's fantastic to see you sticking your necks out and standing up for Indigenous rights," said another.

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But others disagreed and saw the dress code as being "unAustralian".

One person on Facebook claimed the pub "makes money from a property on 'stolen land'" on January 26 -- and "365 days a year".

10 daily has contacted Newtown Hotel for comment.

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As the pub enforced its dress code, thousands of people marched through the streets of Sydney to protest the celebration of Australia's national day on January 26.

In scorching heat, protesters marched from Hyde Park to Victoria Park, with many holding signs that read "change the date" and "justice now".

It was one of many 'Invasion Day' marches held across the country marking its Indigenous history, as the conversation around changing the date intensifies.

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