'Look Before You Leak': Woman's Bottom Bitten By Python Hidden Inside Toilet

A Brisbane woman got more than she bargained for when a quick trip to the loo got her a nasty nip on the backside from a grumpy 1.6-metre python who had coiled up inside the toilet bowl.

Helen Richards said she couldn't have been on the toilet for more than a few seconds on Tuesday afternoon when she felt a "sharp tap" and pain in her bottom.

Richards told 10 News First she jumped up immediately and tried to scramble away, but her efforts were hampered, given her very peculiar situation.

"When you've got your knickers and long pants around your ankles it's hard to go anywhere," she explained.

"It was like trying to run a three legged race without a friend".

Richards, who hadn't switched on the bathroom light, said she first thought the culprit might have been a frog or even a long-tailed turtle.

"I thought holy sh** what was that".

Image: Supplied (Helen Richards)

But reliving her ordeal to 10 News First on Friday, she seemed to have a fair idea of what might have set the snake off.

"This was a midstream adventure... so he waited for me to start going," Richards explained.

"He didn't appreciate that shower under the full moon".

But Richards was not one to take the incident sitting down.

After taking a quick picture -- because she didn't think anyone would believe her slipper tale, she jumped into action and quickly trapped the python inside the toilet with a couple of pot plants over the lid.

She then called a local snake catcher.

Jasmine Zeleni said she was in the middle of a busy day in the peak of the snake season when she got the call for an "unusual" snake situation.

"I turn up to quite a lot of unusual situations so I said what are you going to throw at me," Zeleni told 10 News First.

Image: 10 News First

The snake-catcher said it's the first time she's heard of a snake bottom bite in 25 years.

Zeleni came to the rescue with antiseptic and first aid before wrestling the grumpy python from the toilet into the bowl.

"I can't praise her [Richards] enough for how well she handled the situation," Zeleni said on Friday.

"I love snakes, but i don't want one attached to my bum, so I understand".

According to the snake catcher, snakes will quite often slither their way into people's toilet bowls, but said getting a bite is extremely rare.

Richards has laughed off her experience and firmly believes it's unlikely it will ever happen to her again.

But just to be safe she is urging all 'Strayans to remember one simple thing.

"Please look before you leak".

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Featured Image: Supplied (Helen Richards)