We Need To Settle This: How Do Aussies Say McChicken?

A 10 daily investigation.

A new marketing campaign launched by fast-food giant McDonald's, targeting Aussies who love their McChicken, has sparked outrage (in the 10 daily office) because ... well... surely that's not how people think we pronounce it?

The bus stop advertisement for the burger was first discovered in Pyrmont in Sydney's inner suburbs, by 10 daily social media editor Lawrence Champness.

"Mick Chiggun", is how McDonald's -- better known in the land down under as Macca's -- is now marketing its well-loved burger.

The ad is presumed to be a play on the 'Strayan accent.

Champness posed the question to Twitter asking, is "Mick Chiggun" really how we Aussies pronounce McChicken, and there's been a resounding answer.

And it's no (@Maccas).

"Yeah nah", was a popular response to the tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

The McChicken Burger. Image: McDonald's

While another user commented that it was perhaps more reminiscent of the accent of our neighbours over the ditch in New Zealand.

In a last minute addition, one user claimed South Australians say Mick Chiggun... but 10 daily has been unable to confirm the reports.

This isn't the first time the fast-food giant has rebranded in this country, with the company undergoing a transformation from McDonald's to Maccas for Australia Day several years back.

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10 daily reached out to McDonald's for comment, who confirmed the name-change is part of a campaign that will be running for one week.

The campaign will see a number of other menu items given their own Aussie nickname, including the Mick Nuggets, Cheez Burga and Filadafish.

A spokesperson for McDonald's said the campaign was about embracing the 'Aussie-fied' versions of their menu items.

“We’re incredibly proud to be a part of Australian culture, so much so we’ve been given our very own Aussie nickname – Macca’s," the spokesperson said.

Either way, the ad has had us practising our McChicken orders all day long, so maybe we're still McLovin' it after all.

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Featured Image: Lawrence Champness