'Astounding': NSW Students Sent HSC Certificates With The Wrong Date

The NSW Government has apologised after high school graduates were sent HSC certificates with the wrong date.

Education Minister Rob Stokes told the ABC a “human error” meant the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) that administers the exams printed the incorrect year at the bottom of the certificates.

Opposition Education MP Jihad Dib raised the "astounding" blunder on Wednesday when his daughter and her friends, who completed their HSC in 2018, each received a certificated dated December 2017.

Printed on NESA letterhead, it states it is "issued by NESA without alteration or erasure on 14th December 2017'".

"It came to my notice when my daughter mentioned the blunder was being ridiculed on social media," Dib said in a statement.

"My daughter said to me: 'We are expected to get everything right in our HSC, but they can't even get the date right'."

It's believed every HSC graduate in NSW received the incorrect certificate but this is yet to be confirmed.

Image: Twitter via Minister Jihad Dib

Minister Stokes told the ABC the mistake would not impact the validity of the certificates but that it needed to be “rectified immediately” by the Authority. 10 daily has contacted him for comment.

Dib said the certificates should swiftly be re-issued.

"This government can't make right the sense of disappointment and neglect but they can re-issue properly valid certificates," he said.

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Featured image: Twitter via Jihad  Dib