Snake In The Hole: Family Finds Python In The Toilet

A Brisbane man had a nasty shock when he went for his morning toilet visit and found a Carpet Python inside instead.

The snake had come through via the sewerage, Brisbane Snake Catchers' head catcher Stewart Lalor told 10 daily.

The man lifted up the toilet lid and saw the snake curled up.

"He was a little shocked as he was not expecting it," Lalor said.

Carpet Pythons are non-venomous and the most widespread python species found across mainland Australia.

They're also the most commonly encountered species in Brisbane. According to the snake catching service, you might find one of these in about one in three homes.

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The discovery drew quite a reaction on social media after it was posted on Facebook on Friday.

"This is why the toilet lids always get put down at my house!!" one person wrote on Facebook.

"Never going to the toilet again," said another.

Good moooorning. Image: Facebook Brisbane Snake Catches

Lalor urged members of the public to steer clear.

"Never attempt to catch or kill a snake as this is when most bites occur," he said.

"They are also protected. Contact a licensed catcher to remove or for advice."

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Featured image: Facebook via Brisbane Snake Catchers