Young Boy Attacked By Dingo During Family Trip

A dingo attacked a young boy during a camping trip with his family on Fraser Island on Saturday afternoon.

The boy was attacked while returning to the campsite after an afternoon swim with his family.

“The family had finished swimming when the young boy said he wanted to race up a sand dune,” said RACQ Flight Rescue aircrewman Dan Leggat.

When the child reached the top of the dune a pack of four dingoes was at the top.

The boy with rescue crews after the attack. (Image twitter/@RACQ_LifeFlight)

The boy was set upon by one of the animals, receiving a bite wound to his leg.

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The family drove off the dingoes after the attack according to a spokesperson from RACQ LifeFlight Rescue

He was treated at the scene of the attack by paramedics before being flown to Hervey Bay Hospital where he is in a stable condition.

Feature Image: Twitter/@RACQ_LifeFlight

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