'What Do We Want? Safe Streets': Thousands Rally For Sydney Women's March

Thousands of men and women have taken to the Sydney streets as part of the Women's March rallies being held in cities around the world.

Since its inception as an anti-Trump protest following the president's inauguration in 2017, the annual march has grown into a larger women's movement, extending far beyond the US border.

This year, a congregation made its way from Sydney's Hyde Park to Belmore Park, demanding the streets on which they walked were made safe for women.

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"What do we want? Safe streets. When do we want them? Now," the crowd chanted.

Among the signs and placards held by protesters, many paid tribute to Aiia Maasarwe, whose body was found in Melbourne on Wednesday morning.

The 20-year-old exchange student was killed while heading home after attending a comedy show. Police have charged Codey Herrmann with her murder.

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Bri Lee, an author and sexual assault survivor, said the young woman's death reminded her of how difficult it was to provide strategies to combat such incidents when you were just focused on surviving.

"It is so, so hard to keep an olive brand in the palm of your hand when you need your keys between your fingers," Lee said at the rally.

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Image: @prof_rr Twitter
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Image: @kelvancewriter Twitter

Presenter and campaigner Yumi Styles said Australia's culture of violence against women was a crisis.

"It's rooted in a widespread cultural acceptance that the values, the roles and the rights of women are lesser than those of men," she said.

"Women have the right to be safe. To claim our space, to be respected and to have our voices heard."

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Image: Women's March Sydney

Among those in attendance were also a number of familiar faces, including actors Pia Miller and Sam Frost, singer Montaigne, and fashion designers Alice McCall and Kit Willow.

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