Derryn Hinch Cops Backlash For 'Grotesque' Tweet Over Student's Murder

Senator Derryn Hinch has copped backlash for apparently revealing undisclosed details of the murder of Arab-Israeli student Aiia Maasarwe on social media.

Hinch tweeted graphic details suggesting the gruesome extent of the 21-year-old's injuries and included information that has been undisclosed and unconfirmed by police investigators.

The exchange student's killer remains on the run more than two days after her body was found outside a shopping centre in Melbourne's north.

Hinch copped immediate backlash for his tweet with users slamming it as 'disgraceful', 'grotesque' and 'out of line'.

Dozens have urged the Senator to delete his tweet claiming it doesn't add anything to the investigation and was disrespectful to the woman's family, who have just arrived in Australia to retrieve her body.

10 daily have chosen not to reveal the details of Senator Hinch's tweet, however, you can view it here.

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But Hinch has since hit back at critics claiming his tweet was "for the memory of Jill Meager and Eurydice Dixon" -- two Melbourne women who were killed in similar instances.

"The brute is still out there", Hinch said.

"The stark details were included to warn women in the area what this monster, still on the loose, is capable of".

The Senator and media commentator said he found out the information from police sources and suggested to one user if he had photos of the body he would have posted them as well.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was asked about the tweets during a press conference in Brisbane on Friday and told reporters he believed people in positions of power and influence should not "put out information automatically".

"I don't want to give what Senator Hinch has done any more oxygen than that," Shorten told reporters.

"For me, this is about a shocking and senseless murder. For me, it's about the loss of a family. And the idea that your child could be lost on the other side of the world makes them particularly powerless," he added.

"But I do want to assure people that our police are as good as anywhere in the world, and I, for one, am a politician who will let the police do their job and not get in the way."

Police described the murder of Maasarwe, who was on her way home after a night out on Tuesday, as an "absolutely horrific" attack that was both "random" and "opportunistic".

On Thursday investigators confirmed that the 21-year-old had been on the phone to her sister when the attack occurred.

A silent vigil is being planned outside of Victoria Parliament House on Friday night.

10 daily have contacted Senator Hinch but he declined to comment further about the tweet.