Grandfather Lucky To Be Alive After Objects Hurled At Car

Rob Hill was on his way home from work on Sunday morning, when he heard an almighty crack which sounded "like an explosion."

The Ambulance Victoria employee was on the Calder Freeway near Gisborne, travelling 100km an hour, when two objects were hurled at his car from the Melbourne Rd overpass at around 3am.

When the windscreen cracked, the 39-year-old was covered in fine pieces of glass.

"There was a fine powder just everywhere of glass which was sort of stuck in my skin and in my eyes and in my hair," he said.

Rob Hill. Image: 10 News First

After the incident, Rob pulled over and called triple zero.

"I guess they were just kids out having fun, but they've crossed the line and basically tried to take someone's life."

Rob is grateful his grandson wasn't in the backseat and that he wasn't working at the time.

Image: 10 News First

"I try and just help people and save people so, it wouldn't be a nice thing to happen in an ambulance either," he said.

He's now calling on the culprits to hand themselves in.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.