Police Fine Driver For Going 28 Kilometres Under Speed Limit On Freeway

Police in Western Australia are being praised online for fining a driver caught travelling more than 20 kilometres under the speed limit on a busy freeway.

Officers nabbed the driver of a Toyota on Perth's Mitchell Freeway near Greenwood at 9:40pm on Monday night.

The man was booked for driving 21 kilometres or more under the speed limit and fined $50, according to Western Australia Police Traffic.

"Driving 28kmh under the speed limit on the freeway causes frustration which results in bad decisions which results in accidents," police said on Twitter.

Can't do the limit stay off the freeway!

Other drivers have praised the police actions online as "commons sense" and called for the same policy to be applied to all roads.

"Hope this is going be the start of more to come," one Twitter user said on Tuesday.

"Well done WA Police. I never thought I would see the day this would be enforced," another said.

Others suggested $50 was too lenient of a fine and that demerit points should have also been taken off the driver.

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Featured Image: WA Police Traffic 

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