Tourist Bus Crashes 20 Metres Down Embankment

A tourist bus has crashed 20 metres down an embankment, in thick rain forest to the south-west of the Gold Coast.

The bus had just left O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat when it crashed off Lamington National Park Road just after 8pm.

More than a dozen people were on board, as part of a tour to see glow worms.

Queensland Ambulance Service and Police were quickly called to the scene.

"We used O'Reilly's as a mini-triage for us," Alan Windsor from QAS said.

The Lawson Family were involved in the crash. (Image Ten News First)

"There was a driver that was still encapsulated, he was later flown to the Gold Coast University hospital with pelvic injuries. But he was still conscious."

Nineteen tourists were treated at the scene, many suffering cuts from shattered glass as well as seat-belt injuries.

Six people including a child and a 60-year-old woman were also taken to hospital.

"The staff here were awesome, really helpful," Mr Windsor said.

The tour had just left the retreat when the crash happened. (Image Ten News First)

It was a close call for the Lawson family who were visiting from Brisbane.

"We'd come up to stay for the night and we were going to on the glow worm tour, at the last minute we decided not to go," said Laura Lawson.

She described the scene as chaotic and was relieved no one was seriously injured.

"There was a helicopter, about six ambulances, people in the foyer of the accommodation."

Locals say the stretch of road is notorious and tricky to navigate.

Police are investigating the accident.