'Going To Start A Revolution': How Rahaf al-Qunun Is Inspiring Saudi Women

Rahaf al-Qunun is being hailed as a symbol of hope in a growing movement of Saudi women hoping to leave the country.

The 18-year-old arrived in Canada on Sunday after she launched a bid for asylum and refused to go home because of alleged family abuse.

Now human rights activists believe al-Qunun will "inspire hope" for thousands of Saudi women who are protesting the country's strict guardianship laws.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun arrives in Canada Image: Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP)

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Tahani, a Saudi woman who spoke to The Sunday Project on the condition of total anonymity, claimed Saudi women cannot live well because they lack many basic rights.

"It's so dangerous for her, maybe her family do something bad for her like .. staying home forever," she said.

Lisa Wilkinson said The Project team had contacted other Saudi women but said they refused to comment, claiming that speaking even anonymously was enough to get them killed.

But a movement is fast gathering pace on social media, of thousands of Saudi women and their supporters who are threatening to leave the regime because of its strict laws.

The guardianship laws mean women are controlled by a designated male relative, who can dictate anything related to their lives including whether they can get a job, open a bank account or travel overseas.

Rahaf Al-Qunun's story is being considered as a symbol of hope for other Saudi women. Image: Reuters

The hashtag #EndGuardianship is being used online by women calling for an end to the practice and throwing their support behind imprisoned activists in Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahway believes al-Qunun is going to start a revolution.

"Go on social media now and watch the account of so many young Saudis saying Rahaf, you have shown us we can do this," Eltahway said.

"Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is going to start a revolution in Saudi Arabia".

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