Mother Thankful After Surviving Sign Falling On Her Car

The woman whose car was hit and crushed by a huge freeway sign that fell from a gantry in Melbourne says she's thanking whoever was watching over her that day.

Mother of three, Nella Lettieri, was on her way to collect her daughter from a train station during the afternoon peak.

The sign marking multiple exits off the Tullamarine Freeway came crashing down in front of her Hyundai Santa Fe, then fell on top of it, flattening the back of the car.

Nella Lettieri.

Fifty-five-year-old Lettieri described the accident as "freaky".

"Had I been in my daughter's car which is a smaller car, there's no way I would have survived," she said.

At first, she wasn't sure what had hit the car.

"I thought either something had fallen off the car in front of me, or the truck or whatever."

Image: Courtesy Nine Network

"It was like a roller door coming down right on front of you."

"I've hit the brakes and then I'm thinking okay, I've hit the brakes why isn't it stopping?"

"It just kept pounding on the car and I thought okay is it going to stop?"

Two men who were passing motorists stopped to pull Lettieri from her car, telling her she had to get out in case it exploded.

She suffered neck pain and extensive bruising, but said she's grateful she can still walk.

Image: Courtesy Nine Network

She's keen for investigating authorities to come up with answers.

"How did that happen? How did that happen here in Australia?"

Lettieri, who works for a function decorating company, isn’t sure when she'll feel ready to drive again.

She thanked everyone who's offered her family messages of support.

Overnight VicRoads removed a large road sign adjacent to the one that fell on Tuesday night.

Feature Image: Courtesy Nine Network