Festival Drug Smuggler Ashamed Of Her 'Extremely Immature Decision'

An 18-year-old woman who put 394 MDMA capsules inside her body and smuggled them into a music festival has narrowly avoided jail.

Tina Phan was a model student before she took up an offer to take the drugs into the Knockout Games of Destiny festival in Homebush last month.

A Magistrate sentenced her to 80 hours’ community service instead of the maximum two years jail.

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Her solicitor told the court she did it for money but was sorry.

"She’s very well aware of the seriousness. She’s extremely remorseful and ashamed, she’s been losing sleep," Cheryl Khurana said.

"An extremely immature decision on her part her whole family is shocked… she was on the right path."

Khurana explained her client felt obligated to make extra money because finances were tight after her parent's 21-year marriage dissolved.

A friend of a friend told her smuggling the drugs would earn her good cash.

But the magistrate said that was no excuse.

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“It’s not just immature, it’s a serious criminal offence and a deliberate act. I don’t accept that she did it because of financial difficulties within the family,” Magistrate Louise McManus said.

Callum Brosnan died after taking drugs at the same festival -- Phan’s drug charges are unrelated.

Three other people were placed in induced comas -- at least one of them had severe kidney failure from an overdose. No charges have been laid in relation to the death or the overdoses.

Brosnan’s death came just three months after two people died due to unrelated drug overdoses at the Defqon. 1 dance event in Penrith.

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