'Slipping Hazzard': Supermarket Bans Smiley Fritz Tradition For Kids

Another Aussie store has banned a much-loved food tradition and locals still recovering from sausage-gate are not happy.

Tanunda Foodland in South Australia's Barossa Valley has given out its final free smiley fritz, a well-known local tradition, dating back generations.

Smiley Fritz (or Devon as its known in other parts of the country) have for years been handed out for free over the deli counter to young children who are shopping with their parents.

But locals have been left outraged after a sign appeared inside the store announcing Foodland would no longer be giving out any smiley fritz to children due to "slip hazards".

Drakes Supermarket chain took to their own social media on Tuesday to declare their deli departments would be giving out a free smiley fritz.

According to The Advertiser, Foodlands decided to can the "age-old tradition" after an incident earlier this month which saw a customer slip on a piece of fritz that had been dropped by a child.

The woman reportedly hit her head on the floor and was not injured.

But the decision has sparked outrage, with many South Australians venting their frustration on social media.

People reminisced about being given the meaty treats with smiley faces on them by their local butchers as children.

Others said it was up to parents to pick up after their kids when food was dropped on the floor, and raised concerns other similar initiatives including free piece of fruit for children at some Woolworths stores, could also be canned.

"Whatever happened to watching where you are walking, taking responsibility for yourself & respecting others," one user said.

But others have welcomed the ban... not because of customer safety but because of, well, the taste.

"I don't think its fit for human consumption let alone children anyway. No great loss," one social media user said.

South Australian Labor MP Nat Cook even waded into the debate saying the ban was "ridiculous".

"First it was the Bunnings Snag on Onion saga... now Tanunda Foodland has put a frown on smiley fritz," Cook posted on her Facebook page.

Cook was not the only one to draw the connection.  The smiley fritz news comes as many Australians still recover from the Bunnings-Sausage-Sizzle-Gate of late 2018.

In November the hardware giant announced a new rule over customer slippage concerns that ordered snag-connoisseurs to place the onion underneath the sausage instead of on top.

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The collective outrage of the nation even made international headlines with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern also jumping into the debate.

Shortly after Bunnings' announcement, a Queensland farmer told the ABC he slipped on a stray onion in-store and was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement after getting compensation.

Featured Image: Facebook (Drakes Supermarket)