Warnings After Research Shows Over 40s Are In Denial About Their Health

Alarming new research has revealed Australians are in denial about their health.

A study of hundreds of people aged forty-five and over found half of those who rated their health as 'good' or 'excellent' - were in fact at high risk of serious medical conditions, like heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes.

Brisbane man Matt Cross knew his weight was an issue, but wasn’t aware of the associated serious health risks.

“Looking in a mirror I didn’t think it was okay, but I didn’t think I was on the precipice of diabetes,” he said.

Matt Cross

It’s an increasingly common story, that has experts concerned -- because those at risk aren’t seeking proper help.

Lyn Hamill from My Health for Life says many people have a gap between their health status, and reality.

“Most of us aren’t doing enough exercise…try as we might, we aren’t necessarily meeting the guidelines," she said.

Our ability to eat the right level of fruit and vegetables, and to generally live a healthy lifestyle, it’s harder than people think, and you actually have to change behaviors."

Lyn Hamill

As for how to start and stick to a healthy lifestyle?

Experts say stay motivated -- starting a conversation with your GP and relatives is often the best place to begin.

According to exercise physiologist Patrick Kelly, another key to success is doing more things that make you happy -- spending time with family, increasing activity or even just hanging out with friends.

“Invest in your health now, before it costs you later."

Timely advice, and just another reason to persist with those New Year resolutions.