VIDEO: Shark Swims Just Metres From Beachgoers, Hole Discovered In Net

Swimmers in Sydney's south were evacuated from the water on Tuesday after a surprise visit from a three-metre shark.

Videos posted to social media show the shark swimming close to the shore at Lady Robinson's Beach in Brighton Le Sands late on Tuesday afternoon, drawing in a crowd of onlookers.

Police responded to reports of the shark at 6.30pm, evacuating those still in the water and closing the beach for the rest of the night.

The animal had found its way inside the popular baths despite the area's nets, which don't go all the way to the sand.

Police referred the situation to the Department of Primary Industries and Bayside council to secure the beach.

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The shark appeared to have left the area by 6am on Wednesday, according to the council, however the baths remained cordoned off.

Divers took to the water first thing in the morning to inspect the net enclosing the baths, locating a hole.

A spokesman for Seadragon -- the company responsible for inspecting and maintaining the nets -- told AAP divers swpet the area twice and found no further evidence of the shark.

The hole was scheduled to be repaired on Wednesday morning, with the damaged section to be taken away for forensic testing, the spokesperson said.

The sighting came just hours after swimmers at Tamarama beach in the city's Eastern Suburbs were told to evacuate the water due to a four-metre-long great white shark chasing a seal nearby.

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