He Was Told He Would Be Dead, Instead He Is Learning To Walk For The First Time

Moustafa Ardati was told he would die by the time he reached his mid-twenties. He is 32.

Born with cerebral palsy, Ardati has used a wheelchair for as long as he can remember. He wasn't able to grip anything with his hands nor able to stand on his own two feet.

Ten years ago Ardati couldn't even string a sentence together, he used to 'stutter every second word or needed to take a breath'.

For a time when he was 16-years-oldArdati sunk into depression. Darkness clouded his mind and he felt alienated from society. With people staring at him constantly.

Doctors even believed there was no hope; "doctors told me I'd only get worse".

Even in school, Ardati felt as though he was never good enough no matter how well he excelled.

Now, he has hope and a vision.

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Ardati is striving towards walking one day and changing people's minds about what is considered to be the 'norm'.

He hopes to make a difference through his brand Stay True Be You, which was established in 2016 to help encourage others. With motivational talks and counselling Stay True Be You "helps people achieve whatever they put their minds to," Ardati told 10 daily.

He believes it all starts with the mind.

"One’s mind is the powerhouse to one’s inner museum".

Ardati joined DuffTuff Fitness in 2016 with the aim of one day walking. When Ardati first started training he weighed in at 70 kilograms with 40 percent body fat.

After training three times a week he now weighs in at 50kg with 10 percent body fat.

Ardati said he's never felt this physically and mentally strong.

"I can now stand for a couple of minutes with minimal support, whereas before my dad had to physically carry me everywhere," Ardati said.

Trainer Simon Duff helping Ardati achieve his goal. Image: DuffTuff Fitness

"I've never walked a day in my life, but I took my first steps last year and I'll never give up hope," he said.

"Exercising has given me the life I never had."

He’s already changed the views and perspectives of those around him, one example is Simon Duff his trainer.

Duff believes Ardati has what it takes to reach his end goal as he is more than willing to come to the gym three times a week even though he can't drive.

"I'll be right by his side when he does," Duff shared with 10 daily.

Ardati shared his story on KIIS 1065. Image: Stay True Be You

Ardati not only wants to change people's views and perceptions on life, but the perception people have when they see someone with a disability.

"I don't live my life like a have a disability."

"Everyone has a different strength. You can help me with stuff I can't do, but I can help you with stuff you can't do," he said.

Moustafa was invited to the UTS Blues award night as the guest of honour and received The ActivateUTS Mug award. Image: Stay True Be You

Despite being relentlessly bullied and falling into a deep depression earlier in his life, he remains positive.

"I've faced a lot of hardships in my life, but I shift my focus towards a positive outcome," he said.

Ardati remains resolute in continuing to work to achieve things other people may take for granted.

"People complain over a spilt coffee, get up and make another one, at least you can".

To help spread Ardati's vision -- ‘Stay True Be You’ click here.

Feature image: Instagram/staytruebeyou