Black Swan Dips Family Put Up Million Dollar Reward For Information On Founder's Murder

The Victorian family of the founder of Poseidon Dips killed almost two decades ago has put up $1 million for information leading to his murderer's conviction.

Christos Saristavros, 44, was fatally shot in the head on October 22, 2000 as he returned to his car with his wife after attending a charity function in Box Hill.

"Find dad's killer and the money is yours. We want to close this chapter in our lives. Anyone who helps us get to that point will get the reward -- they deserve it," his son Stavros told the Herald Sun, on top of the $100,000 Victoria Police is offering.

"The reward is a great incentive for justice. We are not running a contest giveaway or a prize -- it's for justice."

He added it was not an underworld killing, rather he was "an ordinary family man".

Christos Saristavros was shot while out with his wife. (Image 10 News First)

Saristavros was shot once in the stomach as he struggled with his attacker just before getting into his car.

He then chased his killer a short distance before he was fatally shot in the face.

In 2003, after an inquest into his father's death, Stavros said the family would petition the state government with the police's help to bump up the six-figure reward to $1 million.

"We think for a million dollars someone might be willing to turn in the person that they know they committed this crime," Saristavros said more than a decade ago.

His family have offered the massive reward out of hope for justice. (Image AAP)

At the 2003 inquest, detectives stated they had been unable to exclude an Asian male seen at a 7-Eleven minutes before the murder as a suspect.

It was believed he decided not to rob the store as there was another Asian male doing photocopying at the time, before then trying to rob Saristavros instead.

A linguistics expert examined audio of the man at the store and found he had a good knowledge of English, and may have a Malaysian, Indonesian or Singaporean accent.