Young Children Swelter After Being Left In Cars During Scorcher

Two young boys are among several children left in hot cars across Victoria as temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius, putting them at serious risk.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said 10 children had to be rescued from vehicles on Friday.

The school-aged boys were found in southeast Melbourne's Baxter shopping centre carpark.

Ambulance Victoria said it was called to six cases of people locked in cars and that police may have handled the others.

"We've been extremely lucky and only a small number of those that were left in cars were transported to hospital," Ambulance Victoria's Justin Dunlop told reporters.

Justin Dunlop of Ambulace Victoria (Image AAP)

Parts of the state hit 46C while Melbourne soared above 42C by the mid-afternoon, before a cool change took hold.

Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville warned that locking a child in a car on a hot day "can result in death and serious damage".

"The biggest penalty for any parent is to cause serious harm to their child," she told reporters.

"Children, unfortunately, heat up very, very quickly. A car heats up very, very quickly."

In a plea to Victorian parents, she said "even if you think it is for two minutes, there is no safe way of leaving a child in a car on a hot day".

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