Outrage After Shop Refuses Mum Paying $10 In 50 Cent Coins

A woman trying to buy bread and milk at a service station using $10 worth of 50 cent coins has aired her anger on Facebook after she was refused service.

Amy Dee, arrived at the On The Run service station in Salisbury, South Australia, earlier this week with her two kids in tow. She was looking to buy a few essentials, but was thwarted when she tried to pay with coins.

She claimed she was turned away after trying to hand over the required $10 in 50 cent pieces, with the attendant allegedly refusing to take the pile of coins.

Dee later wrote a complaint on the station's Facebook, claiming she had to drive back home to get the right tender.

"I was the only car there, so they weren't busy at all with customers, my 11 month old was getting cranky cause he is tired and I was refused service cause the man serving wouldn't accept my change," she claimed.

"So much for convenience shopping."

She was met with a surprising response as the service station giants cited the law book at her.

OTR's first response didn't go down well. (Image Facebook/OTR (Salisbury Drive Thru)

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, payment over $5 cannot be comprised solely of coins valued at 50 cents or below, so the service station claimed it was within its rights to refuse her tender.

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This in turn produced a torrent of outrage from the public, causing a swift turnaround from the company.

In an attempt to reconcile the situation they sent out another message apologising to Dee. 

"This could have been handled much better in store," OTR admitted.

OTR's attempt to apologise for refusing Dee's payment. (Image Facebook/OTR Salisbury Drive Thru)

Despite the apology, OTR probably has a bit more work to do before they get Dee back as a loyal customer.

Feature Image: Facebook/Amy Dee

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