Kmart Pulls Popular Toy From Shelves Over Fire Concerns

Kmart has pulled the 2.4Ghz ATV Madness quad bike off its shelves after a number of customer complaints.

The charger of the remote-controlled quad bike has been reported to catch fire.

One woman, Samantha Solly, posted on Facebook the charger had caught fire.

"WARNING!  if anyone has bought this ATV from kmart, be very careful. We have had our charger catch on fire. LUCKY it was caught early!!" she posted.

Another woman, Karrissa Opie, said after seeing Solly's post, she rang Kmart to confirm if the toy had issues.

Opie claimed a Kmart staff member told her not let her children play with the toy as it was "dangerous".

"I decided to ring kmart i immediately got put on hold and then the manager got on the phone and said in a painic 'PLEASE MISS do not let your child play with this there have been many reports of fires and this car is very dangerous!'" Opie said on Facebook.

The toy is no longer for sale while Kmart investigates the issue, but a full recall has not been ordered yet, a spokesperson told the ABC.

"At Kmart, we take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, which is why we made the decision to withdraw the remote control quad bike from sale, pending investigation from our quality team," she said.

"Kmart is committed to product and customer safety and we are working as quickly as possible to review and test this product."

Feature Image: Karrissa Opie