'Why Don't You Die': Spider Scream Sparks Panicked Call To Police

A fear of spiders led to police rushing to a home, after neighbours heard a toddler crying inside a house and a man screaming "why don't you die".

Emergency services in Western Australia responded immediately, after the caller said they could not hear the voice of a woman who they believed lived inside the house, during the commotion.

Police at Wanneroo, in Perth's north, said multiple police units rushed to a home with "lights and sirens" on Wednesday morning.

But when they arrived at the location they discovered all three residents safe and sound inside the home.

The reason behind the terrifying screaming?

A spider and one very arachnophobic resident.

"Police spoke with all parties who advised that husband had only been trying to kill a spider," police said on Wednesday, in a tweet that has since been deleted.

The man, who is understood to have a "serious fear of spiders" apparently apologised to police for the inconvenience, the Wanneroo Police tweet said .

Image: Getty Images

Officers reported no injuries -- except for the spider -- and said there was "no further police involvement required".

The arachnophobia-nightmare has fired up social media, with the passerby who made the call being praised online for their quick thinking and taking action when they they heard something concerning.

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A spokesperson for WA Police confirmed to  ten daily that the incident occurred, despite deleting the tweet.

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