Brekky Wrap: Woman Rejects New Year's Eve Kiss On Live TV

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There have been renewed calls for pill testing after a spate of drug-related festival deaths across the nation. A 20-year-old man died on Tuesday morning following a suspected drug overdose after attending the ‘Beyond The Valley’ music festival in Lardner, Victoria. Just two days earlier, a 22-year-old man died after taking an unknown substance at the ‘Lost Paradise’ festival in New South Wales.

Police have responded by warning festival-goers not to take drugs, reminding them the substances are illegal.

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One man dies after attending the Beyond The Valley. Image: Facebook/Beyond The Valley.

Surf Life Savers are reminding beach-goers to prioritise safety at the nation’s beaches. The calls come after a spate of drownings over the New Year's period. A 34-year-old man died after he was unable to be revived on Sydney’s Clovelly Beach. A second man, 45, died just hours later at a beach in Victoria's Gippsland, while a third man, in his 40s, died at an unpatrolled swimming spot on Queensland's North Stradbroke Island.

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Cyclone Penny has made landfall in far-north Queensland.  A warning zone has been established between Cape Keerweer to Cape York, with residents being warned to expect heavy rain and flash flooding. A flood warning also remains in place for the Cape York Peninsula.

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2019 got off to an awkward start for one man when his New Year's Eve kiss was rejected on live TV.  The moment, captured on Dutch station NPO Radio 2, shows the man lean in for the kiss, open his mouth in anticipation and then, closing it again. The woman, who looked all kinds of shocked and confused, kept her eyes open and moved away from his incoming smooch.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un has used his New Year’s Day speech to confirm his commitment to denuclearisation, but warned this could change if the US continues its sanctions against North Korea.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has said he is committed to denuclearisation. Image: Getty Images.

A baby boy has been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block in a town east of Moscow, Russia. Rescue workers say the boy was trapped for more than 35 hours in temperatures as cold as -29 degrees.

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Roger Federer has led Switzerland to victory in the Hopman Cup after defeating Serena Williams in a mixed-doubles match. It was the first time the two tennis champions played against each other. The pair even took a selfie to mark the historic occasion.

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The two tennis greats even had time for a selfie. Image: Getty Images.

Australia’s Test Cricketers are gearing up for the fifth test against India starting tomorrow at the SCG.

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