Some Of The Worst New Year's Eve Disasters, Dramas And Disappointments

For most, New Year's Eve is all friends, food and fireworks. 

For some, the last day of the year is also the biggest anti-climax of the year.

Many months and many dollars can go into planning the perfect way to ring in the new year, but often this high-level anticipation leads to high-level disappointment.

There have been plenty of dramas and dangers over the last few years that have made many parties sad rather than celebratory.

Let's hope Monday night's celebrations don't end how these did.

Terrigal Beach Firework Explosion

Thousands of people were evacuated from Terrigal Beach, north of Sydney on NYE 2017 after a part of the firework display burst into flames. Spectators gathered to watch the 9 pm fireworks when an explosion occurred on a near-by barge. Two technicians were forced to dive from the barge into the water to flee the blaze. They narrowly escaped the flames.

Emergency services were called to the beach, where the two operators were treated for minor injuries.

Mariah Carey's NYE Performance Meltdown

Instead of watching the ball drop, pop star Mariah Carey dropped the ball herself during her NYE 2016 performance in Times Square, New York City. During the performance, Carey stopped singing and started to speak to the crowd throughout a number of songs. She claimed there had not been a sound check before the performance and that she was "just trying to be a good sport".

Visibly upset, Carey stormed off the stage after the show was over and days later announced she was launching her own "full investigation" into the incident, saying she believed someone tried to sabotage her. There were claims she went on stage with a faulty ear piece and that the production company was told her mic pack was not working.

NYE Above The Harbour Party

They were promised a "relaxed and stress-free" NYE but instead they reportedly got bad food, long lines and alcohol shortages. Customers paid up to $500 a head to attend the exclusive Above The Harbour party on NYE 2015, but they were left majorly disappointed.

Partygoers demanded refunds from the event company, after they reported waiting in toilet lines for over an hour, lack of food options, lack of alcohol and Justin Bieber music playing on repeat. It was the first time an entire section of the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney was reserved for 300 guests -- a space that has direct views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

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A few days after the party, event organisers apologised and offered some people a $100 refund.

The Shanghai Stampede That Killed Dozens

On NYE 2014, a stampede in Shanghai, China killed 36 people and injured 47 others. Dozens of people were trampled when disorder broke out at the Bund, a historic riverfront and major tourist destination in the city.

The disaster was sparked by congestion on the steps of Chen Yi Square, where those entering were competing for space by those coming out. Following the incident, Chinese president Xi Jinping called for an investigation into crowd control in the city.

36 people died in the stampede. Image: Getty Images.
Wet 'n' Wild Party Cancellation

Nearly 9000 people were left with nowhere to celebrate NYE 2013 after their party at Sydney theme park Wet 'n' Wild was cancelled just six hours before it was due to begin. The company running the event was registered in September 2013, but was not immediately registered for GST. Organisers predicted they would raise $1 million in ticket sales, but failed to collect $100,000 of that for GST, meaning they would attract a fine from the Australian Taxation Office.

Tickets cost between $110 and $200. The promoters were forced to refund more than $1 mililion to ticket holders.

The party at Wet 'n'Wild was cancelled just six hours before it was due to start. Image: Getty Images.
Illegal Park Dance Parties In Melbourne

On NYE 2013, between 10,000 and 15,000 people gathered in Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy to celebrate the new year at a number of illegal dance parties.

The sheer number of partygoers and their defiance of alcohol laws saw 20 people treated by emergency services for injuries. A 17-year-old boy was taken into custody after a police officer was punched.

Council workers faced a massive clean-up on New Year's Day 2014. Residents also gathered in the gardens to help clean up the wreckage of broken bottles, rubbish and glass.

The park was left a mess on New Year's Day 2014. Image: AAP.

All we can do now is hope NYE 2018 is a little more drama free.

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