Warning Issued Over 'Extremely Dangerous Orange Pill'

A festival held across Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and WA has alerted party-goers to a mysterious drug currently in circulation around the country.

Revellers attending the festival in Lorne, Marion Bay and Byron Bay were sent text messages on Sunday urging them to be extremely cautious of the substance, which at this time is only being referred to as an orange pill.

"There is an extremely dangerous orange pill in circulation," the message read.

"Regardless of pill variation, one pill can kill. Seek medical if you feel unwell."

In a statement, festival organisers said medical teams on the ground had alerted them to the pill.

The music festival runs across December 29-31, and this year has so far seen no serious health incidents.

The warning comes just one day after a man died from an "unknown substance" at the Lost Paradise music festival in NSW.

Two other people, a man and a woman, are currently in hospital in a stable condition after also ingesting an unknown substance and becoming sick.

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Falls Festival organisers urged all patrons to seek medical attention should they feel unwell and encouraged party-goers to dispose of any drugs safely.

"The event and medical teams are here to help you without judgement," they said in a statement.