A Guide To Australia’s Best Free New Year’s Eve Vantage Points

To herald in what is set to be one of the biggest ever New Year's Eve celebrations, we’ve compiled a list of the best free-loader spots to kick-start 2019 across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

From spectacular views of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge to the Sunshine Coast's famous carnival, when it comes to the best spots to see the New Year's Eve fireworks, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to the best New Year’s hubs to ring in 2019


With some of the best fireworks in the world, Sydney is hands down one of the world’s hottest spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But with a breathtaking light show also comes immense crowds and alcohol restrictions which make knowing the best vantage points essential for a good night.

1. Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Pro: You can drink

Con: Super crowded

If you want stunning panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, look no further than Mrs Macquarie's Park, located in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair has the capacity for 14,000 people

With fantastic horizontal views of the fireworks stretching from the Opera House all the way through to North Sydney, this spot is the prime location for picture-perfect viewing.

While BYO booze is a no go, this spot is equipped with a bar, making it one of Sydney’s only free spots where drinking is allowed.

Although the park is big enough for a whopping 14,000, with breathtaking views, revellers should be prepared for huge crowds and a lot of congestion.

What you need to know

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
Available No glass, camping, sunshades, portable chairs or pets 10am-12:30am Walk from St James train station as there are road closures around the site

2. Mary Booth Reserve

Pro: Close-ups of the fireworks

Con: Low capacity

Image result for mary booth reserve
Mary Booth Reserve has gorgeous close-up views of the Harbour Bridge.

With the capacity for only 2,850, this hideaway is a highly sought-after viewpoint for the New Year's Eve fireworks.

But if you’re after a close-up of the show and are not too fussed about an alcohol ban, then this is the place to go.

Just metres from the Harbour Bridge and with a stunning view of the western side of the Harbour Bridge, this is the spot for you if you want to feel the fireworks boom and see the light projections up close and personal.

What you need to know

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
  Available   No alcohol   8am-1:30am Catch a ferry to Balmain East or get a bus as there are road closures around the site

3. Cremorne Point

Pro: Less crowds, great for families and pets

Con: Partial fireworks view

If you’re after fewer crowds, more atmosphere and a spot to bring your furry friend, then this is the viewing point for you.

Situated a few bays back from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this spot has amazing but distant views of the fireworks. Nestled behind the trees, this viewing point is also less noisy.

Sunset at Cremorne Point , Sydney
Cremorne Point is perfect for families and pets

With the capacity for 7,000 and no booze allowed, Cremorne Point is a prime spot for those with kids, or who might be looking for a bit of extra space, and less fuss and rowdiness.

What you need to know

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
Available No glass, camping or sunshades at night 1pm-1am Get a ferry to Cremorne Point or a bus as there are road closures around the site

With fireworks worth a whopping $3.4 million set to spread over a 7.5km radius this year, the Melbourne fireworks are set to be some of the best in the nation.

1. King's Domain

Perk: Live music

Con: Packed

King's Domain will offer an incredible vantage point for onlookers this year

Situated in the heart of the city, right next to the Yarra River, King's Domain will be one of the best vantage points to herald in 2019.

With live music, entertainment and food trucks all set to make an appearance, you and your friends are guaranteed a cracking start to the New Year.

The site also has the capacity for thousands, meaning that there will be plenty of space for all onlookers to see the incredible million-dollar display.

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
 Available  All day Take a train to Flinders Street Station (open 24 hours)

2. Docklands

Perk: Water views

Downside: Expensive restaurants

The docklands marina boasts an amazing selection of restaurants

With vantage points at City Marina and Yarra's Edge as well as live music, the Docklands is a spectacular vantage point if you want to see fireworks cascading over the water.

Yarra's Edge has incredible options for waterside dining and shopping, so if you're after a more laid-back and comfortable New Year's experience, it's the place to be.

Melbourne City Marina also has spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the city, making it a good all-rounder. And if you have a boat, it's an undeniably great spot to berth.

With both marinas also offering family-friendly environments, Docklands is the perfect place to welcome in the New Year.

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
 Available  All day Take a train to Southern Cross Station (open 24 hours)

3. Yarra Park

Perk: Family friendly

Downside: Smaller fireworks

Yarra Park is set to show movies this New Years, making it perfect for kids

If you're after a more family-friendly firework experience, then Yarra Park is the place to be.

With the park set to have live entertainment and movie screenings in the lead up to the 9:30pm fireworks, kids and parents are guaranteed an evening full of entertainment.

The park will also include catering so there's no need to plan ahead and you can sit back and enjoy the show.

NYE Map Yarra Park
Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
 Available  All day Take a train to Yarra Park Station
Brisbane and Surfer’s Paradise

With more than 85,000 Queenslanders set to ring in 2019 at Brisbane’s South Bank Precinct, the central city is the place to be. But with Surfer’s Paradise home to an incredible carnival, Queenslanders are spoilt for choice this year.

1.Brisbane’s South Bank

Pro: Family friendly

Con: Packed

Image result for brisbane's south bank fireworks
Brisbane's South Bank will have a selection of food truck

With stunning views of the Brisbane firework show as well as some uber-cool food trucks, this spot is perhaps the most sought-after in Brisbane and has just about everything you need when it comes to firework eye-candy.

As well as an incredible firework display, you’re spoilt with numerous near-by vantage points, including Clem Jones Promenade and River Quay.

The spot will feature a Cultural Forecourt with food trucks from 11am.

There’ll be two sets of fireworks, an 8:30pm session for those who want an early night, and another at midnight for those wanting to kick on.

What you need to know

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
Available at the Cultural Forecourt and next to Tribune Street No alcohol, bikes, scooters, pets, metal cutlery, unsealed water bottles All day Car or public transport with the bus, train or CityCat

2. Eagle Street Pier

Perk: Family friendly

Downside: Smaller fireworks

Eagle Street Pier will have a clown and glitter tattooist for the kids. Credit: Andrew S, Flickr

If you’re after a quieter night out for all of the family, then Eagle Street Pier is the prime spot to enjoy a smaller firework display by the river.

With an array of restaurants and a bunch of free activities for the kids including a clown and a glitter tattooist, this hub will ensure a fun night for the whole family.

Fireworks will kick off outside the pier at both 8:30pm and midnight.

What you need to know

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
Available 12:30pm-midnight Car or public transport with the bus, train or CityCat

3. Surfer’s Paradise

Perk: Three-day festival and 30,000 effects

Downside: Ride costs apply

Home to the New Year’s Carnival and 30,000 fireworks effects, Surfers Paradise is the place to be when you herald in 2019.

Boasting rides, slides and other attractions, if you want a New Year's Eve party that drags on for days, then the New Years Eve Carnival from the 27th-31st December is for you.

And with one of the biggest firework displays in Queensland, which is right on the beach, this spot makes the perfect vantage point and party destination.

Fireworks will go off at 8pm and midnight and 10pm at the Riverside.

Toilets Restrictions Opening hours Transport
 Available  All day Drive or catch the train, bus or tram, get off the tram at Surfer's Paradise