New Year's Eve Could Force Out Already Stranded Opal Tower Residents

New Years Eve hotel bookings are threatening to push the already displaced residents of Sydney's cracked Opal Tower back into uncertainty.

Hundreds of residents were first evacuated after loud cracking noises heard by residents prompted calls to emergency services on Christmas Eve.

Thousands of people were evacuated from the surrounding areas amid fears the tower could collapse.

Most had been allowed back into the Sydney Olympic Park building when on Thursday they were told by the developers the entire tower would need to be emptied again so engineers' investigations could continue for at least 10 days.


On Saturday the developer said some of those residents would need to be moved from their temporary hotel accommodation over New Years Eve as their rooms had been previously booked out for the celebrations.

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Meanwhile, other residents have refused to leave their homes, prompting the NSW government to request an urgent update on the investigation.

The tower is now subject to an internal and governmental investigation, while there are reports an audit into private building certifiers will be launched by the state government on Sunday following the incident.

Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts and Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean are expected update the media at midday.