Stranded Fishermen Call Border Force On 'Aggressive' Croc Ramming Their Boat

A fishing trip down the North Territory's Daly River turned into a series of unfortunate events for a trio of VERY lucky fishermen.

The Darwin-based men, one of whom had never been on a boat before -- and probably never will again --called Border Force after they became stuck in the mouth of the river.

Their boat struck a sandbank, damaging the water pump and overheating the motor, Northern Territory Police, who were alerted to the incident, said.

But for the group of men aged 37, 29 and 27, their troubles were only just beginning.

After finally managing to restart the engine, their return trip became hampered by a severe thunderstorm and later nearly capsized after hitting a submerged object, police said.

The trio was forced to ride out the storm in their broken boat, but not before they faced an aggressive saltwater crocodile who repeatedly rammed their boat.

In what was, understandably, the last straw, the fisherman activated their Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon and police teams immediately headed out to find them.

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After more than two hours of searching, the stranded men were located floating in the middle of the river just after midnight, after their engine had completely failed.

Officers said the group were left shaken by their ordeal.

“It was a pretty traumatic experience for these men, one of whom had never been on a boat before," Acting Senior Sergeant David Young said.

“Nearly everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but luckily these men have lived to tell the tale.”

Officers praised the men after the incident for travelling with the required safety equipment and adequate food and water supplies, making it easier for rescuers to locate them.

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